Commentary: ARPAnet?

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Who sponsored the development of ARPAnet? Who actually built the hardware it was based on? What has become of them?

ARPAnet, the first computer network, was created by the Defense Department and grown up by linking with hundreds of universities, military contractors, and research laboratories. The popular hardware in primitive networking era was PDP-10 produced by DEC.

-- Mikio. 13:31, 3 Sep 2008.

ARPAnet was a project devised by the US DoD to connect the country's major computing centers. Originally, ARPAnet consisted of 4 entities, UCLA, SRI, UC Santa Barbara, and University of Utah. For the most part, the machines connected were PDPs. The routers, or Interface Message Processors (IMPs) as they were called, were Honeywell 516s, and later Honeywell 316s. The vast majority of the traffic on ARPAnet was email (75% in 1973).

-- Fitz. 14:05 EST. 3 Sep 2008.