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Basic information

Ganglia (and nagios) are installed on Their web interfaces are available at (and s/ganglia/nagios).

Add a server to ganglia monitoring

Gmond (Deamon Ganglia Monitoring): This service will retrieve some information about the node to be monitored.

Gmetad (Ganglia Meta Daemon): Gmetad will collect data from all gmonds. Including gmond which is installed on the client. Gmetad only needs to be installed on the server side only.

RRD (Round Robin Database): Used to store data on ganglia.

Ganglia Web: A web interface for displaying data graph displays and matrices from rrd tools.

Copied from this article:

Instructions for installing Ganglia on client node (Centos):

On Client machine:

1. yum install ganglia-gmond

2. In /etc/ganglia/gmond.conf set udp send channel to See lovelace’s config of gmond as a reference.

3. service gmond restart