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Quick Links

All Open LLK Bugs | Enter a Bug

Getting Started with Bugzilla

For help getting started with Bugzilla, see chapter 6 in the official documentation, Using Bugzilla.

General Bugzilla Etiquette

  • Make certain that bugs are always assigned to or CC'ed to clustcomp att cs dott earlham dott edu. So, for example, when you accept a bug or assign it to someone else (thereby changing the default asignee from clustcomp att cs dott earlham dott edu), add a CC to clustcomp att cs dott earlham dott edu.
  • Prioritize bug reports (especially new ones) accordingly:
    • P5: of immediate concern, only the most pressing items (do these now!)
    • P4: also highly urgent items, only slightly less so
    • P3: slightly elevated priority
    • P2: default/normal/average priority
    • P1: Feature request