Cluster:2006-02-02 Meeting

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  1. BCCD-L
    1. BCCD CD
    2. In a Machine
      1. Gets hostname
      2. Network
      3. Non-priv. user setup
  2. *-FE Prep script
    1. How many nodes, how hdd
    2. Base name (possibly from BCCD-L)
    3. Sets up NFS/NIS/DHCP/PXE/etc.


  • Get transparency/alpha-blending working
  • JoshM needs poster text to test with


  • Figure out if visualization has hard-coded variables.
  • Hand out section to rotate around
    • Problem (JoshM)
    • Experiment (SkylarT)
    • Results (KevinH)
    • Analysis (TobiasM)
    • Future (AlexL)
  • Forget about CHIRP for now
  • Get timing points for PPC boards (cairo and ODW)
  • ffffffff not in place where we expected. Need to figure out how to get a (void *) access to packet, but in a light-weight way.