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2KW PV Installation Objective

After two years of planning, lobbying, and fund raising by the Earlham Green Science leaders, Dennis Hall has a PV system installed. Our class got the chance to assist the folks from Third Sun Solar with the installation. They didn't need our help, but they let us participate and learn all we could.

Day One

We got an early start. Kate helped run wires from the fuse box to the display case where the battery bank and inverter are located.

Meanwhile, Colin and Ehren helped unpack the solar panels and lug them up to the roof of Dennis.

We learned about the equipment used to "condition" the DC electricity from the panels and transform it into AC for use in the building.

Day Two

Colin braved the heat to help run conduit from the roof of Denis to the first floor.

Then it was time to assemble the panel mounts and start running wire.

Finally the PV panels are installed and connected to the conditioning equipment. Bring on the green power.

For more pictures of the Dennis Hall PV istallation visit our photo album.