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Housing and Grounds

Demo House Porch

Green Energy

Solar and Wind Power System

====Bergey Wind Power==== [Norman, OK]

Kyocera Photovoltaic Array

  • [Kyocera Solar]
    • Array consists of 16 panels located on roof of house.

Power System Utilities

Power system

====Third Sun==== [Athens, OH]

====Vanner, Incorporated==== [Hilliard, OH]

====Outback Power Systems==== [Arlington, VA]

  • [MX60 MPPT Charge Controller]
    • Regulates the flow of current to and from the battery bank.
  • [Outback PSAC]
    • Houses AC circuits for the system, including the AC output from the inverter and the AC input from the grid.
  • [Outback PSDC]
    • Houses the breakers controlling the DC circuits.

====Northwest Power Co, LLC==== [Platteville, CO]


Water Heater:
[Bosch Aquastar]
Bosch Hot Water - Model No. AQ 125-BLP-5

AM Conservation Group Spolier Showerhead
Model No. LM39709