Building monitoring

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Displaying Energy Scripts Outline

  1. Java scripts harvest data directly from Modbus
  2. Perl scripts collect this data and put it in the Postgress database "energy" under the table "electrical_energy"
    electrical_energy attributes:
    area - what building.
    preal - kW hours for that instant.
    date - date of harvest.
  3. A final perl script accesses this data and generates a .png graph using the Google graph API
  4. The images generated (day, week, month, year) are put in a html frame on a page to display the data.

Building IP

  • - Bundy**
  • - Barrett
  • - Wilson
  • - Warren
  • - Mills**
  • - Olvey Andis*
* - reading is not yet ready
** - no box or egx in place