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This is an annotated directory of public, freely available, query interfaces. For now they are in no particular order.

Google Books

  • URL -
  • Description - Started in 2002, and based on work that Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page did as CS graduate students at Stanford, this ambitious project aims to digitize and make available the full contents of the world's books. There is a detailed history of the long-running project and it's offshoots at There is a full text search interface to the books, including the ability to partition the search by document language and other attributes.
  • Curator - CharlieP

Google ngrams

  • URL -
  • Description - Queries Google's digital book corpus for the frequency of occurrence for a given word or phrase (ngram technically, see their documentation) and then visualizes the results. Queries are directed against documents in a specified source language. The ngram data sets on which this is built are available separately, see
  • Curator - CharlieP


Google Public Data Explorer


  • URL -
  • Description - Flight finder. Searchs for available flights on the entered day and departure/arrival information
  • Curator - eosergi10


  • URL -
  • Description - Online database of movies and associated data
  • Curator - gaschue08


  • URL -
  • Description - Web interface for large, map-based data sets. Includes census data among various other data sets.
  • Curator - gaespin07

MovieLens Data Sets

You can click the links in the following list or the links in the list of file attachments. The MovieLens 10M data set is not displayed in the file attachments list.

   MovieLens 100k - Consists of 100,000 ratings from 1000 users on 1700 movies.
   MovieLens 1M - Consists of 1 million ratings from 6000 users on 4000 movies.
   MovieLens 10M - Consists of 10 million ratings and 100,000 tag applications applied to 10,000 movies by 72,000 users.

Curator: mmludin08

US & Canadian National Public Transportation

  • Cant find the right historical Data yet. (Help Needed finding the data).