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This is an annotated directory of public, freely available, "large" data sets. For now they are in no particular order.

Google ngrams

  • URL -
  • Description - The ngram databases on which Google's ngram viewer is built. A variety of corpora are available, e.g. by language, the "Google Million", English fiction, etc. Each set contains a list of ngrams, frequency, and date information.
  • Curator - CharlieP


World Cubing Association Database

Large Data Sets on AWS

Starcraft 2 Unit Strength Comparisons

Twitter Users by Location

The AOL Search Data

CGI 60 Genomes

  • URL:
  • Description: A set of public genome sequences. There are four sets of data: a Yoruba trio; a Puerto Rican trio; a 17-member, 3-generation pedigree; and a diversity panel representing 9 different populations.
  • Curator: eosergi10

Dataset for "Statistics and Social Network of YouTube Videos"