3D Printing

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A place where current 3D printer users can document the process of 3D printing.


The printer currently being used in the physics lab Dennis 128 is a MakerBot Replicator 2. The Replicator 2 can print both ABS and PLA filament, and has a build volume of 11.2" L x 6" W x 6.1" H. It also comes equipped with a dual extrusion system to be able to print objects in two colors.


A very user-friendly program to use to communicate with the Replicator 2 is MakerBot's own ReplicatorG, which can be found as a free download here: http://replicat.org/download. There are installation instructions included on that website, as additional downloads are required (Python and some drivers).

3D Modeling


Using ReplicatorG