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Science Friday - 2005-10-28

Present: Barbara Gregg, Mark Stocksdale, Ron Parker, Meg Streepey, Corrine Deibel, Paul Ogren, Lori Watson, Charlie Peck

Keck Letter

Barbara will find-out what department Mark Brodl of Trinity is in, then one of us will contact him to see if we can get a copy of their proposal.

How to proceed with the letter?

  • Choose a particular project.
  • Slant towards bio-accumulation?
  • Should we develop a framework that could accomodate both metals and pesticides?
  • Develop a budget, timeline, deliverables, and narrative.

Ask Keck for the money to develop the framework and one instantiation. Future work will be to build other modules for that framework. Identify possible sources of support for those future modules.

What equipment will we need?

Clear Creek, Springwook Lake, Middlefork? Each have plusses and minus both from the perspective of science and logistics.

Sounds like we'll need to monitor oxidation reduction potential, in addition to temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen? Should we consider HydraLab? Lots of pedogogical value in DIY, both locally and for dissemination.

Need at least 5 external people to vouch for this idea.

First one would be metals and bio-accumulation. Expansion into organics later on.

Build on our existing experiences, document those well.

How to plug-in Physics? They could work with HIP (ala Lew Riley) on the sensor projects.

Note to Len with People, Weeks, Supplies, and Support for Summer 2006

Take letter from last December and update.

Post Lori's spreadsheet on the Wiki? Charlie