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Science Friday - 2005-10-07

Present - LoriW, FonsieG, JenniferZ, PeterB, MarkS, PaulO, CharlieP

Minutes - We'll start taking them regularly and posting them in the new Wiki location for the Science Friday group.

Adjacency - Everyone needs to be near everyone else. How does this interact with phasing? Phasing is one-time, adjacency is permanent.

Interdisciplinarity - Good adjacency is most important, particulary WRT offices. What can we share? Computer labs (most but not all), public space ala Math/CS lounge (with lunch facilities, students and faculty), library, bio/chem space, laser lab, environmental science space.

Offices - Math, Physics, CS, and Geosciences at one end in a pod, on the same floor at the other end are Biology and Chemistry in a pod.

Lower the energy barrier to interactions between faculty in all the science departments.

Sabbatical and Adjunct Faculty Space - neccessary and important, with pods its likely that the ratio is about 4 FTE to one sabbatical/adjunct office. Consider having these separate from the pods.

Look at Lori's spreadsheet before our next meeting.

When is our next meeting? Possible that we would meet next Friday if enough people are around.

List of things to talk to the architects about next week:

  • Adjacency and phasing
  • Show them the concentric rectangle idea for a building
  • Show them the two pod plan, either same floor or directly on top of each other.
  • Hood gear not on roof? Hidden by an "architectural feature"