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Science Friday - 2005-09-16

Present: BarbaraG, MarkS, MegS, LoriW, JohnI, RonS, JenifferZ, CharlieP

Keck - Finish updates to preparation document, send URL to science division this weekend. Collect feedback on Tuesday at Science Division lunch.

RayH reminds us (in absentia) about considering Keck for facilities money as well as curricular activities. In particular they have supported many planatariums and observatories. We'll modify

Ron has an interesting idea for using the Clear Creek watershed as the basis of our local project. We'll include it in our materials but not in the portion that we give to Doug for prepartion (too much detail).

Split the wiki document into Doug's prep material and our notes.

For the portable monitoring platform: conductivity, ph, temperature, dissolved oxygen (if easy), (GPS if mobile)

John's list for next week.

Equipment - Each of us should query our respective departments and report back next week.

Summer Research Planning

  • Startup funds for new faculty (Biology, Chemistry)
  • Student stipends, faculty stipends, supplies, # of weeks, funding possibilities